International Competition
Rome Concrete Poetry Hall
Roma, Italy

The project starts questioning how to celebrate the historical moments achieved with concrete, as well as its unlimited potential for the future.

The answer to this question is arrived studying the buildings of the past and the new developments have taken place throughout history .The biggest difficulty was finding a balance between the enormous wealth of the historical context of the Eternal City and the use of concrete as a key element for the realization of the building.The project is a return to the origin of the antiquity of Roman Forum as the first example of a settlement.

The passage , understood in the formal sense , from the past ( the Roman Forum ) to the present ( the level of use of the building ), arriving to the future ( the excess of the forms ).Concrete is the key component ,used in the various meanings from the ancient ( revisiting opus incertum ) to the present ( the transparent cement ). It ‘s all an uphill path , from bottom to top.

The composition : the division of the building according to its functions in different volumes creates a play of relationships and connections . Joined together create a thin formal balance that in the context intended to be lightweight and sometimes impalpable.

The volumes : each function is developed in a particular volume . The shapes of classical geometry are retained, the elements of classicism ( the arch , column , ect ) are interpreted and reported to their formal essence.

From the ancient ruins ( the idea of the forum that created and generated the disposition of each element of the building ), the project involve into an historical excursus from the past to the future.


Dario Cipelletti



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